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Hay River, North Simpson and Simpson Deserts

High Country

Madigan Line, Simpson Desert

Simpson Desert


Great Aussie 4wd Trips, Treks, Tracks and Tours

Australia has a multitude of 4wd trips, treks, tracks and tours available to it. These range in difficulty from softroader type vehicles with high range only to those requiring serious low range 4wd drive.

Every state has a wide range of 4wd destinations and to list them all would be an almost impossible task. In fact we used to give you detailed information on about 100 of them but, due to other work committments,  it became impossible to keep them all up to date with reasonably accurate information.

So the only trips listed now are ones undertaken on a regular basis by us in the form of 4wd tag along tours.

Our desert trips, listed above, all start from Marree in Outback South Australia and end at White Cliffs in Outback New South Wales. They run for either twelve or fourteen days and travel through or visit many iconic Outback destinations along the way.

The routes that we take are not those normally taken by most so we get to see something different, a little bit more remote and a little more special. So we will encounter relatively few other vehicles in much of our desert crossing over several days compared to those travelling the "normal" desert routes who could be seeing up to a vehicle every 15 minutes in busy school holiday times.

One of our desrt trips takes you through the most remote desert region that you are ever likely to encounter with up to 200 km of no tracks at all, the only vehicles that have ever been through much of this area are those that have been taken there by us. You are unlikely to find a trip elsewhere that even comes close to this one and you are unlikely to ever meet anyone who has done anything similar.

Our other destination for 4wd tag along tours is the Victorian High Country. This is a very special and spectacular place with views that are amazing.

Our trips are over 5 days and include several iconic High Country destinations and tracks. We camp at the same idylic spot for the full duration of the trip, and next to a pristine river, so we don't have this laborious daily task of packing up and setting up of camp.

We have years of experience in both the Simpson and High Country and are regarded as being amongst the best of the best of operators who take tours through these regions. All of our trips are run by the owner of the business, no we never ever use contractors or sub contractors as is so often the case these days.

The trips are low key and relaxing as we don't have a whole bunch of rules and regulations by which you have to abide. We are there on holiday so let's get on with enjoying it.

Some of the comments made by those who have joined us on previous trips can be read on our TESTIMONIALS page

A few things to consider if planning to travel on your own -

When planning your trip it is important to remember that Australia is a very big place and some of the tracks lead through remote country. Please make sure that both you and your vehicle are well prepared for whatever journey you are planning. The more remote your trip the more preparation you will need.

If you are based in or near Sydney it may be worth noting that all of our vehicle repair, maintenace and service work is carried out by either Mannell Motors at Thornleigh (ARB Thornleigh), phone (02) 9980 8855,  or ARB at Penrith, phone (02) 4731 1266. Both these businesses are very well known to us and carry out work to the highest standard.

Your vehicle must come out of whatever areas you take it into, a breakdown can be a very costly nightmare. Make sure that whoever works on your car actually understands this, someone who does actually know what we are talking about. The above two businesses do.

Choose accessories for your vehicle wisely, often a few dollars saved at purchase can cost considerably more in the long run. I only use ARB equipment, yes its more expensive but it works, and keeps working. I am so over some of the cheap stuff people put onto their vehicles.

Your tyres must have at least 50% tread, nothing less is satisfactory. I only use Cooper Tyres, they may be a little more expensive than some but they have more tread, deeper tread, than most and they actually do the job, some tyre brands are woeful to say the least. Choose wisely.

If your battery is approaching three years old replace it, replace it regardless of the battery man telling you that it is OK. They fail with absolutely no notice, they fail around three years old, or sometimes earlier. We have had heaps of them on trips and the comment from the owner is always the same "Oh I had it checked and the mechanic said it was fine". Any mechanic giving you that advice clearly does not understand where you are taking your vehicle, best change your mechanic.

There are a few golden rules of travelling in Australia's remote outback and desert regions and your should observe them, to not do so would simply mean that you are placing the lives of you and your passengers at risk. Ideally never go alone, going in a group is always better.

Always let someone know where you are going and your estimated time of arrival and, on arrival, let them know that you have arrived.

You can survive out there without food for some time, you simply cannot survive without water, take plenty and take plenty to spare. Storage in smaller containers is preferable to having all of your supplies in one large container. If that one container leaks or becomes contaminated then that is your whole supply gone. You don't think that can happen, it does and it does with monotonous regularity.

Never venture into remote regions without adequate communications equipment.

A Sat Phone is probably the most popular choice amongst remote travellers these days, but be aware satellite phones are not all equal.

Regardless of where you are located, if you are interested in purchasing a satelite phone talk to Rob Martin at Clientsat in Perth, he has supplied us and gives service second to none, just because he may be the otherside of Australia to you means nothing. Rob has consistently given us, and our customers, better service than we could have obtained from anyone in Sydney.

He deals in all the different networks, service providers and phones and will advise you as to what is best for you.  

A sat phone on its own is probably not enough in a real emergency and you should probably consider carrying a Personal Locator Beacon, also know as PLBs's.

The PLB signal is picked up by AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) in Canberra who will co-ordinate your rescue with the search and rescue authority in whichever state or territory you are in. AMSA are without doubt one of the worlds, if not the worlds, leading search and rescue authority.

PLB's are available now days for around $300, they have no maintenace or upkeep costs and last for between 5 and 7 years. At Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours we use the GME brand which lasts for seven years. GME are an Australian company and all of their equipment is Australian designed and made and is of the best quality.

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