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4wd Tag Along Tour at Milparinka outside the restored court house looking towards an old unrestored building

The old town of Milparinka is well worth a visit, you could easily spend a couple or so hours here, especially if the restored courthouse and police station are open for viewing. While here you can also experience the re-opened Milparinka Hotel.

Corner Country - Australia

Typically a trip to the Corner Country starts and ends at Broken Hill, a return trip of about 1175 kilometers. It is best to go in the autumn to spring months ( April to  October ) as the summer can become unbearably hot. if you are not used to it.

You will travel through semi arid desert country, which many regard as the true outback. Through remote stations along the way until you reach the border post where New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland meet.

On your Corner Country trip you will see important historic sights, Aboriginal art and some good wildlife. Adequate preparation is mandatory. Being self sufficient is as important, parts of the trip lead through isolated country and you may not see too many other travelers on the route.

Having departed from Broken Hill your trip will take you up to The Mutawintji National Park where you will have the opportunity to take on some walking trails that start
at the Cultural Center in the park and lead to many of the caves and overhangs that can be found in the area, complete with their faded Aboriginal paintings, stencils and engravings.

There are adequate camping facilities in the park and you may decide to stop over here for a day or. Toilet facilities are provided and water for washing but NO drinking water is available.

Then onto White Cliffs. From White Cliffs you travel up to Tibooburra, having joined the Silver City Highway. Along the way, and now approaching the heart of the Corner Country, is the almost deserted historic settlement of Milparinka, well worth a visit. The old court house and police station have been restored and may well be open for you to view during the cooler months. Recently the old hotel at Milpatinka was also re-opened.

North of Tibooburra you will enter the Sturt National Park.  The park offers plentiful sightings of red and grey kangaroos as well as wedge tailed eagles.

From Tibooburra you have several options, go north through Warri Gate into Queensland and up to Innamincka or going west to Innamincka via Cameron Corner and Merty Merty Station.

Cameron Corner is the centre of the Corner Country, having just passed through the gates at the Dingo fence, make sure you close the gate even if you find it open. At Cameron Corner you can virtually stand on three states at the same time, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. You can also play a game of golf in three states during the one game and, by car, you can drive through three states in a matter of minutes.

The Cameron Corner Store is owned by Cheryl and Fenn, great Outback publicans who will make you feel very welcome, give you a good feed, and a wet one if you like, and put you up for the night either in one of their cabins or camp sites. It is probably wort knowing that these two do a large amount of fund raising for the Royal Flying Doctor Service, where some of the proceeds of your stay there almost definately will go.

When I am taking 4wd tag along tours through this region I always make a point of spending the night there, it is a great place to spend it.

There are probably two feasable options in choosing a route between Tibooburra and Cameron Corner, either the Middle Track which is definately 4wd only and runs east west through the Sturt National Park or the route via Waka Station, which is normally in far better condition. The Middle Track is often closed if there has been rain or rain is expected. Best check with the NPWS office at Tibooburra if you plan to use this route.

There are several good camp sites in Tibooburra and the Sturt National Park.

Innamincka would be regarded by many as being the most westerly destination of a Corner Country Trip departing from the Eastern States. Situated on Cooper Creek it is a great place to visit. You certainly could spend a few days at this oasis exploring its charm and significant historical links to Burke and Wills.

On the return trip, instead of turning off the Silver City Highway to go to White Cliffs you will continue down the highway via Packsaddle Roadhouse to Broken Hill.

Whilst in Broken Hill I would allow an extra half day at least to visit Silverton, home of the Mad Max and other movies, and the ProHart Gallery, complete with Pro Hart's Rolls Royce and Bentley collection, and other museums and tourist attractions. Once again a couple of days at least in Broken Hill can be spent exploring this popular outback town.

Give John or Amanda Cantrell of Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours a call if you would like to do a relaxed 12 4wd tag along tour starting at Marree then to William Creek, Oodnadatta, Dalhousie, Mt Dare, Alice Springs, Cameron Corner, Innamincka, Birdsville, the Hay River Track, the North Simpson and Simpson Deserts and seeing many of the iconic sights and places along the way including Poeppel Corner, Eyre Creek, Big Red and Lake Eyre South.

Our 4wd tag along tours are run in a relaxed, low key atmosphere without a whole heap of rules and regulations, we are there on holiday to relax and enjoy ourselves so lets do it. Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours don't use sub contractors to run their trips, they are all run by John who has decades of 4wd driving experience, and sometimes in very remote places. He also runs one of the leading and registered 4wd driver training businesses in New South Wales.

More information can also be found on all of our Outback and Desert 4wd Tag Along Tours by following the Tag Alongs link at the top of this page.


The information provided on this web page is for use as a guide only. If you are planning to undertake this trip you must seek out other authorative advice and information. Desert and Outback travel can be very hazardous and should only be undertaken after lengthy and careful planning. The owners of this website shall not be held responsible for any damage or injury that you may experience during any conventional vehicle or four wheel drive trip, desert or otherwise. Distances between places mentioned on this page are as a guide only. You must verify these details yourself using professional maps and/or mapping equipment before you set out on a the trip. Do not attempt to access desert or other remote regions in an ill-prepared vehicle and without adequate communications equipment. Do not under estimate the
limited supply of fuel, water and provisions in these areas as well as the possibility of encountering extremely harsh elements and conditions.

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