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Adventure Way, Queensland - Australia

The Adventure Way starts at Cunnamulla, almost 800 km due west of Brisbane, Queensland and ends at Innamincka, South Australia about 1000 km almost north, and slightly east, of Adelaide.

The trip is almost in an absolute east west direction with Innamincka being a little north of Cunnamulla.It hard for some to visualize that you could travel in such a direction and end up in South Australia.

Such is the vastness of Australia.

This trip is certainly possible in a conventional vehicle but probably not advisable. The trip covers about 585 km and is best traveled in the spring and winter.

The route is often used by Queenslander's taking a short cut from the southern end of the state to central Australia.

Cunnamulla is situated on the banks of the Warrego River and is at the end of the bitumen road going west from Brisbane.

It is an important rail junction for the outlying areas, which are predominately sheep, cattle and, or, angora goat stations. The town is also an important road junction for the Mitchell and Matilda Highways, running north to south and the Moonie and Balonne Highways from the east.

About 70 km from Cunnamulla is Eulo. The town has a pub and caravan park with basic amenities. Its annual attraction are the World Lizard Racing Championships, held in August or September. A little north of the town are the Yowah Opal Fields.

About a third of the way into the trip is the town of Thargomindah, which, whilst the population is only a few hundred, has good supplies of fuel and provisions. There is a pub with accommodation as well as a motel. The town also has facilities for caravans and camping.

A little over half way between Cunnamulla and Innamincka is Noccundra, a thriving metropolis that consists of a pub. The pub is a detour of about 20 km each way off the road we are traveling on, but you really have to go there.

From Noccundra you could travel south west and pick up Cameron Corner at the meeting point of the NSW, QLD, South Australian borders. Cameron Corner is the most northerly point in the "Corner Trip" or "Outback NSW" trip also mentioned on this web page.

This would make it into a hard trip as the journey south from Cameron Corner can be harsh. You could, though, continue south (ish) from Noccundra and head for Tibooburra in New South Wales. From Tibooburra it is a relatively easy run and junction point to go to Broken Hill in New South Wales.

Anyway, back to Noccundra. Before leaving town enquire about the flooding position of the road further west,

Proceed back to the "main" road and head west again. A short distance from this junction is the turn off to Durham Downs Homestead on Cooper Creek and in the direction of the Naccowlah Oil Fields. If the road is flooded further west there is a better crossing at Durham Downs and a detour about 40 km north.

Veer left at this point towards the Jackson Oil Fields. You will pass through the oil field and its equipment, but it is private property and access is forbidden - so no exploring. Further on is the Naccowlah Oil Field.

So far you have had a bitumen road all the way but just past Naccowlah the bitumen peters out.

You'll be heading now to the Coopers Creek Crossing. After rains the road may be cut at this point. However you would have known about this from your enquiries at Noccundra.

From here the road moves onto higher country and diminishes the risk of flood. About 40 km further on you will come to the junction with the NappaMerrie and Durham Downs road.

From now on, if you decide to travel north toward Haddon Corner or go on the Cordillo Downs Road you are in stony, desert and gibber country. Probably not good country for conventional vehicles.

Or continue on west until you reach Innamincka, what a great spot nestled on the banks of the Cooper Creek with lots to do and see


The information provided on this web page is for use as a guide only. If you are planning to undertake this trip you must seek out other authorative advice and information. Desert and Outback travel can be very hazardous and should only be undertaken after lengthy and careful planning. The owners of this website shall not be held responsible for any damage or injury that you may experience during any conventional vehicle or four wheel drive trip, desert or otherwise. Distances between places mentioned on this page are as a guide only. You must verify these details yourself using professional maps and/or mapping equipment before you set out on a the trip. Do not attempt to access desert or other remote regions in an ill-prepared vehicle and without adequate communications equipment. Do not under estimate the
limited supply of fuel, water and provisions in these areas as well as the possibility of encountering extremely harsh elements and conditions.

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Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours - Adventure Way, Queensland

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