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Australian 4x4 Driver Training and 4wd Tag Along Tours

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Real Training on Real Bush Tracks

We believe in delivering what you have paid for - affordable and quality 4wd driver training - Don't settle for less - If you are serious then this is the course for you, held near Lithgow, which has the very best terrain for you to learn on with a trainer who has decades of 4wd and training experience.

Those participating in our 4wd driver training courses range from complete novices with absolutely no experience, and probably nervous to start with, to those with experience and looking to increase their skills.

FJ cruiser on Australian 4x4 Driver Training Training Course

Your vehicle does not need any expensive extras and accessories in order to do our courses, in fact absolutely factory standard is quite OK in most cases.

Don't go out and spend big before the course as you will have a much better idea as to what you need after the training.

Australian 4x4 Driver Training details

They all finish our courses with a smile from ear to ear for many reasons but mainly -

Australian 4x4 Driver Training teaches you how to safely tackle terrain that you would never previously have thought possible to the stage where you are driving them with absolute confidence and without a second thought.

Yes we will probably take you out of your comfort zone along the way, we wouldn't be doing our job properly if we didn't.

4wd driver traing courses are not all the same. Australian 4x4 Driver Training courses are not run on man made training courses because these courses don't teach you the real thing, they often don't even look like the real thing - that is because they are not the same thing. We don't use graded forest trails and tracks either for the same reason.

Don't let anyone try and convince you that learning to drive a 4wd on a man made track or graded forest trail will give you the same experience as learning to drive your 4wd in the bush on real tracks - it can't and it never will.

We don't sit in a classroom for hours just talking about 4wd driving, we get out there, into the bush, and we get on with driving our 4wd's and learning about the real 4wd world.

Australian 4x4 Driver Training details

BMW X5 on an Australian 4x4 Driver Training course

Your training course will be run by the owner of this business who will ensure that you will get the absolute best value and the absolute best training available, he also has over 40 years of 4wd driving experience both in Australia and extensively overseas and, often, in some seriously remote places.

Australian 4x4 Driver Training Courses teach you how to drive over a variety of different track and terrain types, some rough, some rocky, some steep, some rutted, sand, rivers and river crossings and much more.

You will learn how to use recovery equipment and how to recover your vehicle safely.

Once you have completed your 4wd training course you may consider one of the Australian 4x4 Driver Training's advanced 4x4 driver training courses that will take you to a level of expertise, knowledge and ability above that of most.

Your health and safety, and those of your passengers, is of utmost importance to us and the routes taken during our 4wd training courses may need to be altered subject to weather conditions.

Australian 4x4 Driver Training details

image of John Cantrell

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4wd tag along tours to the Victorian High Country and The Outback, Simpson Desert & Hay River as well as from the centre towards Western Australia through remote country. All our trips are low key without a whole lot of rules and regulations, are run by the owner of the business and never run by sub-contractors and represent excellent value for money.

Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours Hilux on the Hay River Track at Madigans Camp 16

Why should you come on a 4wd tag along tour with us? - Quite simple, we know the areas well, we know what the best places to visit are and the best routes to take and you will have a lot of fun along the way.

Let us do the organising for you so that you can see the best places and have the very best holiday.

The High Country 4wd Tag Along is a five day trip, during which time we will visit to several of the High Countries most special places and some of the Victorian High Countries most spectacular scenery.

Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tour Details

View from the Pinnacles on an Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tour

We camp at the same beautiful spot next to a pristine river for the full length of the trip, so no packing up camp each day and the setting up again later in the day as is so common on many Victorian High Country 4x4 tag Along Tours. This allows us to spend more time sight seeing, and there is plenty to see within reach of our camp site, and relaxing.

a Dargo Hotel visit during the Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tour

The Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tour to the Outback and deserts is matched nowhere else in tag along touring in this area for value and destinations.

Apart from traveling through four states, seeing many historic and iconic "have to see" towns and places along the way where we experience the unique outback hospitality of several of our Outback publican friends, you will also travel the remote Hay River Track as we travel through the North Simpson.

We will also travel the most popular stretch of the normal west, east Simpson Desert crossing from Poeppel Corner to Birdsville via the Eyre Creek and Big Red sand dune.

Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tour Details

Australian 4x4 Driver Training vehicle on top of Big Red sand dune

Be different, why do the same old, same old that everyone has been doing for years, move outside the square and experience what most will never see

We run a few variations to this trip, one being a crossing of the Simpson via the very remote Madigan Line on our Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours Madigan Line tag along.

Once a year we also run a trip similar to the one that travels down the Hay River Track but we take a couple of extra days a deviate off the track in uncharted country where we are unlikely to find any tracks at all and certainly wont see any other people for a few days. This trip is the Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours Never Never, Simpson Desert 4wd Tag Along Tour.

Where else in Australia these days can you drive for several days without seeing another vehicle or person other than those in your group? you can't, book early as the numbers are limited and the two trips we have run into this area so far have been booked out well ahead of the time.

Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours image

Contact Amanda or John with your enquiries or bookings today Phone (02) 4739 8034 or Mobile 0408 245892

Gift Certificates

Give that someone special something different a gift certificate from Australian 4x4 Driver Training or Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours. Pay online or over the phone by credit / debit card and we will normally email it to you within one working day, quicker if you need it urgently.

Australian 4x4 Travel is a Tourism Accredited Business

Australian 4x4 Driver Training is authorised to use National Parks in NSW

Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours has a Parks Victoria Operators Licence

Australian 4x4 tag Along Tours are licenced to operate in South Australian National Parks

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Australian 4x4 Driver Training's Jeep Wrangler during a 4wd driver trining course

Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours Jeep on a Hay River 4wd Tag Along Tour

Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours group at Poeppel Corner during a 4wd Simpson Desert Tag Along Tour

4wd Tag Along group on an Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours 4wd High Country Tag Along Tour

group relaxing on an Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours Simpson Desert Tag Along

Many of the best places in Australia as far as scenery and natural beauty are concerned can only be reached by 4wd and most Australians will never have the chance of seeing them, will never even get close.

Modern advances in vehicle design and technology mean that more people now than ever before have the vehicles available to them to see these out of the way places and yet relatively few actually get out there and do it.

If you have had little or no experience in driving a 4wd vehicle, or have been doing it for a while and simply want to improve your skills, then John Cantrell, Australian 4x4 Driver Training and Australian 4x4 Tag Along Tours offer you the opportunity to learn how to drive your 4wd in a real bush environment on realistic, and at times, rough, bush tracks as well as the chance to visit some seriously good and often iconic and sometimes remote, out of the way, places in the company of other, like minded, people.

Take advantage of John Cantrell's decades of 4x4 experience, his proven track record as one of New South Wales leading 4wd driving instructors and his passion for showing people some of Australia's best and most remote places.

We supply a fully equipped support vehicle on every 4wd training course and every 4wd tag along tour, we also give advice on what to take along, what to leave at home and how much fuel you are likely to need for your 4wd trip.

Many of the participants on our 4wd tag along tours have been with us before and quite a few have been with us on many trips. The reason? mainly because our tag alongs are fun and un-regimented, we don't have a heap of rules and regulations, we are on holiday, we are relaxed, we enjoy ourselves and we experience some of the best that most will never see.

Join us on one of our 4wd driver training days or relaxed 4wd tag along tours and have some real fun, you will probably talk about it fondly for years to come.

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